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© 2019 by Pro Line Water LTD. 

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© 2019 by Pro Line Water LTD. 



1. InstaChillTM

Each glass is freshly filltered and instantly chilled in a sealed water pathway, where air never contacts the water supply.  Unlike other water coolers, the proprietory design has no reservoir to clean or sanitize.


2. Cooling Capacity

Dispenses a 7oz. glass of water every 30 seconds for up to an hour.  Our cooler makes sure it's 42F or colder.


3. RapidHotTM

Tea, cocoa or even instant soups are delicious with piping hot freshly filtered water.  Up to 2 gallons per hour.  Convenient and ready when you are.


4. Sparkling Water Option

Indulge your healthy lifestyle with the healthy alternative to soft drinks.  Perfect with juice or a twist of lemon or lime.


5. Compact Size

Pro Line Coolers fit anywhere, from your kitchen counter to a university cafeteria. Dimensions: 16.1"H x 13"W x 17"D


6. 9" Dispensing Height

Easily fill cups, carafes, coffee pitchers and water bottles.


7. Hygienic Design

Recessed faucet eliminates cross-contamination.  No more tedious cleaning.

Two filters, not one.  One high performance commercial filter that reduces lead, chlorine and chemicals found in our water.  (see number 5 in the diagram).

We add a primary filter made in the USA designed for D.C.  water.  This ensures unlimited, pure great tasting water.

© 2019 by Pro Line Water LTD. 



You can relax knowing that you are doing the right thing for your body and for the planet.




Enjoy an endless supply of healthy and pure drinking water - cold, hot or sparkling at the press of a button.


Imagine no bottles, no storage issues, no intrusive deliveries and no reconciling of bills.


One year of Pro Line Water service will replace the equivalent of 6,000 16-ounce bottles of pure drinking water.


Our water coolers feature an energy-saving sleep mode, reducing your energy costs by up to 85% compared to standard bottled water coolers.


Eliminating plastic bottles and taking countless diesel trucks off the road.


No more handling of heavy bottles.

© 2019 by Pro Line Water LTD. 


© 2019 by Pro Line Water LTD. 

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"We saved a ton of money… the water tastes better...& we’re green!!!"


Tommy Russo




“Access National employees in our corporate office and banking centers enjoy having the clean tasting double-filtered water and excellent service that Pro Line Water Ltd provides.”


Bill Matlock

Access National Bank



"We have used Pro Line Water for years and are extremely pleased with the product and the service that they have provided.  Everyone loves the filtered water which is always cool and refreshing.  I would highly recommend them. "


Junior Achievement



“Getting Pro Line Water has a been a great thing for Carliner and Remes. Good things DO come in small packages!”


Jessie Contreras-Frazier

Carliner & Remes



"As the Purchasing Director for a large medical group, I am responsible for ordering everything from large x-ray machines to paper clips. Our organization has used bottle-less water coolers for a number of years and thought that we were providing quality drinking water for our patients and staff. Boy, was I wrong. Two years ago, I started using Proline water coolers – what a difference – in quality – in ease – in using SAFE water. Hot and cold water AND a sparkling water feature. Hanging around the water cooler is a thing of the past, but lining up for Proline water is starting a new tradition."


Kevin Gartland

National Spine & Pain Centers

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